Guide to reusing old calendars and publications

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Banner image for article Guide to reusing old calendars and publications
  1. Wall hangings:

    1. Some calendars have beautiful artwork, frame the artwork you like and hang them in your home/office.
    1. Beautiful Flower decorations: for home and wedding
    1. Bird template wall hanging: Follow the article to download the bird template.
  2. Gift box:

    1. Decoupaged Box Lid: Read the article to learn how to use old calendar pages to create decoupage box lids.

    2. Decorative boxes and gift tags: Similar to decoupage box lids, learn to prettify plain gift boxes and make gift tags, coasters from old calendar pages.

    3. Paper Gift bags: Watch the video to learn how to make paper gift bags out of old calendar pages.

    1. Envelopes: Watch the following videos to find creative ways to make envelopes from old calendar pages.

  3. Origami:

    1. Treat Box: Find out how to use calendar pages, a ruler, and a pair of scissors to create an origami treat box.

    2. Kusudama Flowers: Kusudama flowers are a Japanese craft of creating paper flowers typically used as decorations or gifts. Read the step by step instructions or follow the video to make your own Kusudama flowers

      1. Kusudama Flowers Tutorial by June Gilbank
      2. How to Make Beautiful Origami Kusudama Flowers by i Creative Ideas
      3. Video tutorial on how to make Origami Kusudama Flowers

  4. Donate to schools: artwork related to other countries, monuments make a great visual aid for your geography classroom wall.

  5. School work:

    1. Book covers
    2. Keep pages to be used in school projects
    3. Bookmarks: Watch the video to learn how to make beautiful bookmarks. Use a laminator and a reinforcement layer on the back to make it sturdy and long lasting.
  6. Arts and crafts

    1. Create flower wall hanging:

    2. Artistic phone case:

    3. Paper beads: make paper beads in different shapes and sizes and use them in your arts and crafts projects

    4. 3D paper star: Learn how to create 3D paper stars to use as Christmas ornaments or for general decorations

    5. Flowers: Check out the creative paper flowers

    6. Japanese kokeshi dolls: Do a fun activity with kids by making Japanese kokeshi dolls out of toilet cardboard roll and calendar pages.

    7. DIY Advent calendar: Learn to create hanging advent calendar. Use old calendar pages to create paper houses and for the day numbers.

    8. Chinese Paper lanterns: Make colourful and inexpensive Chinese lanterns decorations.

    9. Paper butterfly: Learn to make beautiful butterflies using old calendar pages

  7. Desk organiser:

    1. Cardboard table holder:

    2. Stationery holder:

    3. Glass dome paperweight:

      1. Watch the video on how to make a glass dome paperweight.
      1. Follow this guide on how to make beautiful glass candle holder paperweights.
  8. Board games:

    1. Spend some time with your kids at home or school making your own snake and ladders game.
    Make snake and ladders game from old calendar
  9. Reuse old calendars: There can only be 14 calendar patterns. Any calendar repeats in a minimum gap of 6 years and a maximum of 40 years. Click on the “When can I reuse this calendar” website to work out which of your old calendars can be used this year

  10. Coasters: Watch this video and learn to make beautiful coasters for home or to gift it to someone.

  11. Decorative labels:

    1. Create flower pots using rusty cans and use calendar artwork as decorative labels
    2. Learn to make napkin rings with kitchen roll tube and magazine/calendar cuttings.
  12. Paper reed frames: Use magazine or calendar pages to make a cute paper reed frame.


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