Mint tins: creative ways to repurpose old mint tins

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Creative ways to repurpose mint tins
  1. Remove any paint with nail polisher or spray paint or decoupage to make them more attractive and personal
  2. Gift box
    1. Mother’s day mini album:
  3. Christmas magic tin:
  4. Earbuds holders
  5. Incense Holder: put incense or use it as an incense holder.
  6. Drawer Organiser: Use the mint tins to store small but useful items such as paper clips, safety pins, rubber bands
  7. Jewellery: Use them to store small jewellery items.
  8. Stationary box:
  9. DIY sewing kit: Make your own sewing kit to hold buttons, thread, needles
  10. Spice box: Make DIY potpourri in a tin box.
  11. Mini Toolbox
  12. Advent calendar
  13. Crayons holder
  14. Retainer holder
  15. Watercolour palette:
  16. Tea bags holder
  17. Business card holders
  18. Medication box: use mint tins to hold your day to day medicines.
  19. First aid kit holder: they are perfect for carrying out essential first aid materials. Put some bandaids, cotton puffs, bandages, safety pins, alcohol wipes, tweezers, and antibiotic cream. You can also keep doses of ibuprofen and allergy medications. Carry them with you to help someone when they trip and fall.
  20. Survival kit: Learn how to make a mini survival kit using old mint tins.
  21. Mini stove:
  1. Travel games: Learn how to create a pocket size games suitable for travels.
  2. Dice holder: Decorate the outside with a gaming-related collage, toss in some dice, cards, poker chips, and a mini notebook, and you’ve got games to go!
  3. Pocket yard pool table: Learn to make a pocket yard pool table
  4. Electronics lab: Checkout how to have your portable electronics project kit.
  5. LED flashlight: Use mint tins to build your own led flashlight
  6. Dart gun:
  7. Surprise noise maker:
  8. Wallet:
  9. Shaving travel tin:
  10. Mini fish tackle box: Learn to create a mini fish tackle box to store your hooks, line, and sinkers.
  1. Candle holder: Recycle old candle wax into a new one inside a tin can with a tealight sized wick. Learn to create a candle for emergency purposes.
  2. Animal bed: Learn how to make a DIY mint tin stuffed animal bed.
  3. Watch a collection of projects that can be done using old mint tins:


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Banner Photo by Mark Brown
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