Eco friendly and sustainable bedroom

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Eco friendly and sustainable bedroom

Bedrooms are places for one to relax and energise. Making a few tweaks to your existing setup you can enjoy a much cleaner, less cluttered and healthier resting place.

Golden rule: Use what you have first before making a switch.

  1. Mattress: synthetic mattresses are cheaper but are made of non biodegradable synthetic fibres and foam. Nowadays there are plenty of organic alternatives becoming available. However, be careful and do your research as some mattress labelled ‘green’ may still be laced with chemicals. Look for OEKO TEX standard 100 which is a voluntary certification that certifies that a product is free from harmful substances and that the natural fibres present are organic and sustainable.

    1. Find 100% natural wool and 100% organic wool and 100% natural latex mattresses here.
    2. Find 100% GOTS organic certified cotton and wool and 100% natural latex here.
    3. natural latex mattresses, pillows and toppers here.
  2. Insulation audit: good insulation will retain heat during winter by restricting air while reducing your heating and cooling bill. Some eco-friendly materials to consider are

    1. Sheep wool
    2. Cotton/ recycled denim
    3. Icynene - is a spray foam made out of castor oil and expands to 100 times its volumes once sprayed onto the walls and are effective in sealing leaks and drafts and reducing noise.
    4. Aerogel: are low-density, highly-porous solid materials that are light and durable, typically 95-99% air by volume and are effective at insulation.
    5. Thermacork: is a 100% natural building material made from the bark of the oak tree
    6. Cellulose : made from recycled newsprint and other paper.
  3. Control temperature: Turn down the temperature, wear additional layers if possible

  4. Furniture:

    1. If your bedroom is cluttered look at giving some items away.
    2. Shop at second hand furniture stores or freecycle sites.
    3. Where possible look for eco friendly products.
  5. Eco friendly curtains and decorations

  6. Eco friendly paint

  7. Buy second hand

  8. Eco friendly duvets, pillows and sheets

  9. Eco friendly nightwear

  10. Eco friendly energy bulbs and fans

  11. Unplug and switch off electronics when not in use

  12. Use house plants for decoration

  13. Use old shirts and t-shirts as pillow cases: Keep memories of loved ones closer to you by turning their old shirts into pillow cases

  14. Children toys: buy eco friendly children toys and reduce your plastic consumption

  15. Donate old Bras: charities such as The Bra recyclers taken unwanted/unused bras and distribute them to women and girls in transition and to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.


This post may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

Note: please check the ingredients list of any products that you may wish to try and check for allergies or consult a medical professional for any existing conditions being impacted by switching to new products.

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Eco friendly and sustainable bathroom


Eco friendly and sustainable bathroom

In this article we will explore simple yet impactful changes to declutter, streamline and revolutionise your bathroom routines while being environmentally responsible and along the way make a positive impact to your savings.

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