Organising your home to reduce clutter

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Organising your home to reduce clutter
  1. Watch the following video for some great tips to organize and declutter your home

    1. Use a slinky to hold container lids.
    2. Use cereal box dividers in your kitchen drawer for your spice bottles
    3. Revamp your kitchen cabinet to handle tinned cans
    4. Hang your kitchen utensils on the inside of your kitchen cabinet
    5. Hang of Packet and Zip locked items in your kitchen cabinet
    6. Stacking up items in your fridge with the help of chopsticks
    7. Create your DIY used plastic shopping bag dispenser using a tissue box
    8. Flatten liquid items such as soup, ground or minced meat, crushed tomatoes in your zip lock and organize them neatly in your fridge using a magazine holder.
    9. Create veg rack for your fridge using used plastic milk cartons or magazine holder
    10. Tip to avoid freezer burns while opening frozen packets
    11. Amazing use of an empty cardboard juice box to create a dispenser for your favorite toppings for your cereal.
    12. Create your own zip lock with used straws.


  • Go through your wardrobe, if you don’t love something or haven’t worn the item for over a year, consider donating or selling it.
  • Fold shirt quickly :
  • Repurpose Single socks:
    1. Dusting mitts
    2. Arm warmers
    3. Coffee mug cozies
    4. Potpourri Sachets


  • Clean out all drawers and under the sink.
  • Reduce single use products: e.g. switch from disposable razors to safety razors.
  • Only have one shampoo, one shower gel/soap in your shower.
  • DIY products: explore the possibility of making your own toiletries such as soaps, shampoo, toothpaste etc.
  • Discard items that you can’t reuse or donate. Do ensure that items are discarded appropriately.
  • Opt for quality products to reduce costs and waste in the long run.


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Note: please check the ingredients list of any products that you may wish to try and check for allergies or consult a medical professional for any existing conditions being impacted by switching to new products.

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