Korean steamed eggs(Gyeran-jjim)-something yummy in quick time

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Learn to make Korean steamed eggs(Gyeran-jjim)


  1. 4 eggs
  2. 1 chopped Green onions
  3. 1 cup chicken broth or Dashi. Alternatively use 1 cup of water with 4 teaspoons of fish sauce.
  4. Salt to taste
  5. 2 teaspoons of toasted sesame oil

Optional extras

  1. Shrimp paste or fermented salted shrimp.
  2. Fish sauce
  3. Chopped fresh chilli - if you want to make the dish more spicy
  4. Chopped spinach or Kale
  5. Hot sauce along the side

Cooking method: 15 mins

  1. Whisk the eggs along with chopped green onions, broth and salt in an Earthenware pot or a heavy bottomed stainless steel saucepan or a mini ceramic coated cast iron pot.
  2. Cover the pot with an inverted stainless steel bowl so it doesn’t weigh down or flatten the rising eggs.
  3. Cook on medium low heat for 13 minutes until the steam comes out, time will vary if using ceramic coated or stainless steel, so keep an eye on the dish. Very important that heat is kept low to have the eggs come out fluffy. High heat will make the texture too hard.
  4. Remove the lid and drizzle the sesame oil over the top.
  5. Serve with some rice or bread.


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