Fruit leather: make fun treats from over ripe fruits

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Make fruit leather from any over ripe fruit.

General method

  1. Tropical fruits - mangos and papaya
  2. Stone fruits - apricots, plum, peaches
  3. Berries - like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  4. Other fruits - apples, pears, kiwi, grapes, banana
  5. Blend the ingredients into a smooth puree consistency
  6. Pour the mix into a baking tray lined with a silicon pad.
  7. Dry at low temp in the oven (80c or 175F) for 4-5 hours, checking every hour. Alternatively, you can use a dehydrator if you have one or sun dry the puree.
  8. Cut in strips, roll and store in airtight jars.


  1. You can cook the fruit first to kill any bacteria.
  2. Add some salt and citric acid to turn it into a fruity sour candy.
  3. Add some honey or maple syrup if you want some sweetness.
  4. You can find more recipes for fruit leather. Different countries have their own version of fruit leather e.g. Lavashak (Persian fruit leather) or Aam Papad (Indian mango fruit leather recipe).


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