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Whether you have questions about reducing your waste, want to share your zero waste journey, or have ideas for collaboration, get in touch with our Pandas. We would love to hear from you. Our mission is to build a community passionate about sustainability and waste reduction.

Ways to get in touch!

  1. General Inquiries
    Email us at
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    Are you a brand or organization promoting zero waste living? Let's collaborate! Email us at
  3. Technical Support
    If you encounter any technical issues on our site, please report them to

The content on the site is an aggregation of information available across the internet. The information is available for free for all to use and re-use. Our aim is to make the content available to all for free as long as possible.

The site may generate revenue through affiliate links and display ads which helps to pay our staff and finance the site. When you visit one of the affiliate links we might earn a small commission based on your actions on our partner's site.

Good Causes

Over time we would like to contribute more back to the community. The revenue we generate, when possible, we would like to donate a part to good causes. Our initial plans include

  1. Orphanages: Donate food, clothing and essentials to local orphanages.
  2. Menstrual cups: Raise awareness and distribute menstrual cups to public schools and less privileged communities to reduce period poverty.
  3. Health checkups: Support less privileged individuals with health checkups.
  4. Planting: We would like to contribute to help plant trees across the globe.
  5. Renewable energy: We would like to contribute to renewable energy projects and help chip away at the goal to phase out fossil fuel.

Once we start rolling out our Good Causes projects, we will provide updates via this site on what we have achieved.

Buy us a coffee!

If you find the site useful and would like to support our cause or would like to support any of our Good Causes ambition, we would always welcome your support. Every little helps.

We appreciate your commitment to a sustainable future, and we look forward to connecting with you!


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